Festival and Craft


WIACT supports--and through Warifest--creates opportunities to share, enjoy, and learn about Savannah-region and other indigenous African entertainment, festivals and crafts, including

•  music, performance traditions, and their cultural significance

•   traditional dances

•   African heritage foods:  their significance and traditional preparations

•   fashion and beauty as expressed in traditional clothing

•   traditional sports and games.

•   craft production


In August of each year, we will organize WariFest, a weeklong cultural festival/ conference, where people come together in Savannah region to share and enjoy African music, dance, a market of traditional crafts and materials, foods, fashion, games, and storytelling.  Attendees will have opportunities to participate in local excursions to culturally significant sites, meet elders, and work with them on traditional tasks.

The First WariFestival will be:
August 2021

If you would like to be on our email updates list to learn:

•  how to perform in the festival
•  how you can reserve a space as a vendor
•  how to participate in tours
•  accommodations near the Festival site
send us an email: warifest@gmail.com

Join Us!

We invite you to share your traditional culture during WariFest by:

•   performing in our annual festival

•   cooking traditional foods

•   organizing a fashion show

•   selling traditional crafts in the market

•   video-recording performances

•   offering a house stay

•   advertising in social media

•   sharing a recipe

If you are a visitor, you can help by:

•  video recording traditional food preparation and traditional games

•   gathering recipes and agricultural product photos

•   attending and enjoying yourself by dancing with us!