Build It

Artist’s concept, Palace Redevelopment Project NOTE THIS IS NOT THE FINAL DESIGN
A note about COVID-19: We are proceeding with fundraising and planning for when the pandemic eases and testing/vaccines/treatments enable travel and easing of social distancing necessary to conduct meetings and build buildings


  • Undertake archaeological assessment of ruins and preserve important sites; complete any needed excavations.
  • Construct a new Palace to include:
  1. the primary residence for the Gonja Paramount Chief,
  2. office spaces
  3. a large meeting hall for a traditional parliament where every group in Savannah region will have a representative.

Nearby we will build apartments for visiting Chiefs and dignitaries touse, and a museum to house the historical, linguistic and cultural archives of our ancestral heritage.

Site Planning

Birds’ eye view of Palace grounds and ruins at Nyaηε


Illustration by: aZCON Architectures, Barcelona

Site Plan Ideas, New Palace and Ruins at Nyaηε

SIte Plan Illustration and Design Ideas by aZCON Architectures, Barcelona

A Barcelona architectural firm has offered to partner with us from start to finish

  • Suggesting designs of the Palace and grounds for the purposes needed
  • Estimating costs
  • Completing a blueprint for a design to be selected by WIACT and the Traditional Council
  • Estimating costs
  • Identifying a general contractor
  • Finding master builders to oversee construction and training locals to build their palace

Palace Re-Development Project Design and Construction in Phases

The project will proceed in phases, with funds raised in advance.  We will not proceed with a phase until the funds are secured in advance, which means that as a design or building phase proceeds, the fundraising for the next phase is already underway.  Why?   We do not want to incur debt.


Project Startup:  Authorization from Savannah Region Traditional Council to undertake the project; explore potential designs/  architectural approaches and plan fundraising.

  • The Traditional Council met with WIACT officials on February 29, 2020 and confirmed their authorization of WIACT to undertake the project
Phase I:     Plan the Project structures and grounds; conduct non-invasive archaeological assessment
  • Engage Architect
  • Complete building designs and blueprints
  • Complete archaeological assessment and decide on any excavations
  • Identify contractor and builders who will erect buildings
Phase II:   Build main palace building; plan and complete any needed archaeological excavations
  • Engage contractor to oversee building of Palace and temporary residences
  • Secure and work with master builder tradesmen to hire and train local people to do the building
  • Source building materials
  • Develop process for hiring local labor; hire labor
  • Execute any needed archaeological excavations within the site as authorized by the Traditional Council
Phase III:  Decorate/furnish Palace building & temporary residences; begin additional building & grounds projects
  • Work with interior designers to complete and furnish Palace and temporary residence interiors
  • Continue building additional buildings and parking lots on Palace grounds, using local labor.
  • Plan/Initiate move of Gonja Paramount Chief to new Palace
Phase IV:   Complete final tasks; open buildings and grounds
  • Furnish museum;
  • Finish all building projects;
  • Complete landscape design and gardens;
  • Hire staff for Palace;
  • Complete move of Paramount Chief to new residence in palace
  • Begin regular meetings at Palace