Excavate the Truth of Our History

Researching indigenous African languages is a path into history. Linguistic research can trace the etymologies of our words so that we can recover the truth of what happened in the past, both before and following contact with colonials.

Working with partners and visiting researchers, WIACT will study the art, songs, poetry, and proverbs we received from our ancestors, in which they conveyed their wisdom to future generations as well as encoded what happened to them historically.  We will also solicit historical, archival, and archaeological research to help us find what actually happened, working to assure to the extent possible the accuracy of linguistic and humanities research.  And we will share what we learn.

If you have:

  • research that you would like to do with WIACT
  • historical research you have completed
  • a project, proverb, other items of historical interest you would like to share

Please send us an email with your ideas to wiactghana@gmail.com



We welcome volunteers and university researchers!