Africans are

reconnecting with our ancestral heritages…


Welcome!  World Institute of Africa Culture and Traditions (WIACT) hosts a diverse array of activities and projects

that aim to recover, preserve, share, and revitalize the traditional cultures, languages, and

indigenous knowledge of Ghana's Savannah Region, and across the African continent.

Rashid Iddrisu (Wari), WIACT CEO
Rashid Iddrisu (Wari), WIACT CEO

A message from our CEO

I am pleased to introduce World Institute of Africa Culture and Traditions into this world (our Earth that is suspended in space). WIACT is a place and a space where everyone of us has something to offer to others: we learn from each other and share experiences that can heal us and bring us together.

Our world is becoming lost because we are disconnected from the wisdom of our ancestors, who helped us survive through deep knowledge and their understanding of the need for reciprocity with all living things in our shared environments.

This extensive and pervasive loss of connection affects all healing—yours, everyone’s, and ours.   I am trying to research my language and preserve the information in it, handed down from the ancestors.  And to share it, because the information in our universal languages will heal us.

You can help bring the world—and yourself--back to healing.   I invite you to join us…   

…. and be part of the change.


“We invite all who are interested--from anywhere in the world—

to learn about our African cultural traditions.”

--Rashid Iddrisu (Wari), Founder & CEO

Our Educational Mission is to:

•   research, document, retrieve & revitalize traditional knowledge, cultures, and languages of African peoples
•   educate our children about their true stories and cultural heritage so that our knowledge and wisdom persist and inform our future
•   share the concepts of our traditions and culture with the world

Our Vision

WIACT offers opportunities for African peoples to stabilize within their cultural identities and heritage.  By learning about their traditions, young people are discovering opportunities right where they are in Africa…so they do not decide to risk the expensive journey to Europe or elsewhere through dangerous migration corridors.


We foster sustainable development that builds from what people know and have available in their local regions.  And what they know and have…is their cultural heritage, the land and available resources of Nature, and their languages.

Movement is necessary for life:  All species, including humans, have the right to move. When African people want to visit the world and seek global opportunities, they can do so through trade, sharing their cultural traditions and values, and visiting their friends, family, and colleagues across the world.

African cultures matter because they offer solutions to our age.


We Stand For Africa’s

Indigenous Knowledge

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We Honor Our African Elders

Their wisdom empowers the next generation

We document the knowledge our elders possess about how to survive and thrive in community, and help them hand these traditions to future generations.

We Help Our Young People

Develop pride in their heritage.

so they can resist the lure of dangerous migration to Europe as they grow up, and instead become part of the great regional renaissance that is emerging across Africa.
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We welcome your interest, your involvement, and your contributions. If you would like to visit Savannah region of Ghana, participate in cultural experiences, undertake research on traditional knowledge, document indigenous plants and how indigenous people used them, develop a native seed bank, plant native tree species, and/or propose your own project, send us a message.